Diana Tetlow


"Diana Tetlow's works are warm in every sense. Her palette is usually warm in colour, her portraits are warm in understanding. This warmth and her particular light sense of humour make the difference between Mrs. Tetlow's portraits and the usual "formal" portrait." T Andrew Trimingham - Mid-Ocean News

"Diana Tetlow demonstrates her consummate professionalism and astonishing versatility ; as a portraitist she has few, if any equals." Patricia Calnan - The Royal Gazette

'Former Home Secretary Lord Waddington was paired with Sir Edwin Leather, also a former Governor of Bermuda in an ancient version of ten-pin bowling the other day - featuring antique cannon balls.
And I am told: "In the best traditions of diplomacy, it ended in a draw, but both men were upstaged by local British-born portrait artist Diana Tetlow, who was the only person to flatten all the pins!"' William Hickey

"Dear Diana, Many thanks for the beautiful picture. You really do have a talent!" Catharine Zeta Jones

"Another note to say 'Thank you'. My wife likes it so much that it now hangs prominently in our upstairs living area and not in the downstairs exercise room with the 'others'.

The painting is now a family heirloom" Colin Powell